The Resident Evil chopper isn't as violent as it sounds

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The Resident Evil chopper isn't as violent as it sounds
You might hear the phrase "Resident Evil chopper" and think of some brutal weapon designed to make a zombie into two half-zombies, but it actually refers to the latest spinoff for the franchise -- and the first with the ability to literally spin off. Capcom has partnered with Savage Cycles to produce an officially licensed Resident Evil motorcycle, to be sold in "an extremely limited number." It'll have a bunch of fake weapons and health sprays and stuff attached, and the expected S.T.A.R.S. and Capcom logos. The shot above is of an in-progress model.

Capcom didn't mention a price for it, but we suspect that Resident Evil completists unable to let an official piece of merchandise pass are crying right now. Sure, $100 for a Japanese limited edition game or something is doable every now and then, but now you have to buy a vehicle. And if you drive it, it won't be mint condition anymore!
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