Final Fantasy XI finishes version update at long last

Eliot Lefebvre
E. Lefebvre|12.08.09

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Final Fantasy XI finishes version update at long last
The final part of Final Fantasy XI's now very inaccurately named November version update has finally gone live. As you may recall, when the content-laden update finally did go live, it was missing one of the larger new features promised, the evolith and synergy systems slated for inclusion. Square-Enix stated that they would be available in a subsequent patch after the middle of the month, which does mean that they're technically still on schedule. But why complain when there are new things to play around with? The important point is that while a little belated, the new systems are now available for everyone.

Final Fantasy XI has the full patch notes available, which offers further detail regarding the mechanics of synergy and a few new bits regarding evolith itself. There's a large listing of the exact commands used in this new form of crafting, which looks to be an entertainingly complex minigame with a bit more of a skill-based component than the game's usual crafting system. Read over the full notes, find some friends willing to stand next to a furnace that could explode at any minute, and reap the rewards of further customization in the game. Maybe complain a little about how long it took in the process, if you have to.
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