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Hanwha SL-888 laptop cooling stand for casual, classy blogging

We've seen a laptop cooling stand or two in our day, so we'll try not to belabor the point here: Hanwha -- which may or may not be the same conglomerate responsible for the Shin-Gung surface-to-air missile and the Duo for Laptop -- is proud to debut the evocatively named SL-888, a portable table for your notebook. Want to sit in a chair? The legs extend to about 12-inches off the ground. Want to sit on the floor? You can do that, too -- the legs collapse. Want to rest it on your lap? Hope you have a big lap, but that too is an option. Featuring a mousepad, a cup holder (perfect for that Whiskey Sour), and a cooling fan for your notebook du jour, all this can be yours for ¥3,980 (roughly $44). Hit the source link to order -- or get a closer look after the break.