Moneydance 2010 for Mac arrives; another personal finance alternative

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Moneydance 2010 for Mac arrives; another personal finance alternative
Whenever TUAW reports on personal finance applications for Mac, particularly if we're reporting about Quicken for Mac, we get a flurry of comments from readers who recommend one solution or another. Lately, many of those comments have been about Moneydance, a Java-based cross-platform personal finance manager from The Infinite Kind, LLC.

Available in Windows, Linux, and Mac flavors, with an iPhone client on the way, Moneydance 2010 is the latest version of this US$39.99 application. This newest update, available now from the Moneydance website, includes these features:
  • Sidebar for always-visible account status and navigation between accounts, budgets, reports and graphs
  • Downloads transactions from all online connected accounts in the background
  • Downloaded transactions are automatically merged, no manual confirmation required
  • Improved automatic cleanup and categorization of downloaded transactions
  • More reports and graphs including capital gains reporting
  • More options for filtering reports and graphs by tags
  • Account register filtering by date or cleared status
  • Quick-search to find transactions right from the home page
  • Budget bars on home page show budget status details at a glance
  • Create, edit and record scheduled reminders and transactions right from the home page calendar
A full-featured demo of the app can be downloaded at no cost from the Moneydance website and is good for up to 100 transactions.

What's your favorite personal finance manager for the Mac? We'd like to know! Leave a comment below, and let us know what Mac application reigns supreme for keeping your checking, savings, investment, and credit card accounts up to speed.
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