Who wants to buy a virtual spacestation?

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|12.08.09

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Who wants to buy a virtual spacestation?
You sir! Can I interest you in this pristine virtual space station? No? Ma'am! Over here ma'am! How would you like to live amongst the stars in a brand new virtual space station?

If you think this post is a silly post, then think again. Planet Calypso (formerly Entropia Universe) really is auctioning off one of their virtual space stations to their players, making this the third time that a major piece of Calypso property has been auctioned off to a private party. This time it's the Crystal Palace Space Station that's up for auction, one of Calypso's long time prime off-world hunting grounds.

What makes this auction so newsworthy is the fact that it will be conducted through Planet Calypso's auction systems using PED (Project Entropia Dollar), which basically makes the virtual space station worth real money, as the PED needs to be purchased by the player with real world currency.

These auctions, while usually extremely expensive, do more than just put your name on the door. Owning the property gives you what the property generates in PED, so any taxes applied to the area or any sales conducted on the station would go into your pocket. PED can be transferred back into real world currency after it's gained, meaning that the station also makes real world money for you.

The auction will begin on December 14th and will last until December 28th. Opening bid for the space station is 1 PED, equivalent to 10 cents in US currency.
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