Intel's Core i3 530 processor up for order, still unconfirmed by Intel

Remember Intel's budget-friendlier Core i3 line that we've been talking about since June? Despite recent leaks the company still hasn't made it officially official, but it's now unofficially officially thanks to a pre-order at a Canadian retailer. If you're getting a little déjà vu right now don't worry, it isn't a glitch in the matrix; this is exactly the same scenario that played out with the Core i5 back in August, about a month before that proc was finally given its coming out party. In other words, expect this 32nm chip -- with its 2.93GHz speed, 512KB of L2 cache, 4MB of L3, and $157 CAD asking price (a mere $10 lower in American) -- to be given the full press release rigmarole sometime around the new year.