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Modder creates dual-screen Courier from Dell Mini 9, calls it Harlequin, Joker unavailable for comment

Microsoft's Courier, the dual-touchscreen wunderbooklet, had plenty of gadget lovers in a tizzy in late September -- even though the company itself doesn't seem to know what to do with it. An eventual release of the thing seems unlikely, so user Pak-Kei Mak over at the My Dell Mini forums created his own. It's a Dell Mini 9, or was a Dell Mini 9 anyway, bisected and keyboard replaced by another nine-inch display. This pic and another were posted back around Halloween, showing the two halves loosely coupled together, but pakkei has indicated a laser-cut custom case is in the works to bring it all together in a much tidier package. We do love lasers.

Update: Pak-Kei Mak commented to say he's still "steamrolling along" with this design and will have updates for us soon. As it turns out this is the very-same Pak-Kei Mak who was one of our Kindle engraving contest winners a few months back, which interestingly also featured the use of lasers. It's a small world, ain't it?