Acer Aspire One 532 spotted in database with Atom N450 'Pine Trail' processor

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It's no secret that we're facing down a tidal wave of new netbooks at CES in January, with all signs pointing to Intel unleashing its brand new graphics-friendly Atom N450 chip based on its new-generation Pine Trail platform. So, before we get all netbook'd out, let's allow ourselves a small amount of excitement at this Acer Aspire One 532 spotted within the bowels of the internet (Acer's driver pages). A bit of Google work uncovered specs that include an Atom N450 processor with Intel GMA 3150 and a 10.1-inch 1280 x 720 screen. It's been listed for 299 Euros in one of these random, bean-spilling online stores, so that gives a decent reason to hope that a new generation of Atom won't mean a major leap in pricing. Is that a whiff of holiday optimism we smell in the air?
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