Hello Kitty 13.3-inch LCD TV inspires animal cruelty

Look, we don't enjoy being angry all the time. But dammit, just look at this TV will you? Now imagine staring at that bow and whisker adorned 13.3-inch LCD TV for hours on end just like the neglected child who'll receive it on Christmas Eve. Not that the specs matter but this ¥49,800 (about $565) set bungs a 1,280x800 pixel, LED-backlit panel into that mass of plastic sporting a weak 55-degree vertical viewing angle and 100-degree left-to-right. Brightness is measured at 275nits with a contrast ratio of just 500:1. Hey, at least the remote control features a "kitty button" that brings up the mouthless-puss' staid visage when pressed. Check it with the display turned off after the break. Or is that the backside? Unfortunately, after you've seen an internet goat, you can't stop seeing 'em. Hello Kitty, indeed.