Winter screenshot contest for Champions Online

We're approaching the winter solstice yet again, known in some parts of the world as "that time when it gets so cold your eyes frost over." In order to take at least some of the sting off the weather, Champions Online is offering players a reason to get in the mood of dressing in seven layers of clothing and turning the heat up high enough to melt plastic. After all, even heroes can get cold on occasion, and being able to project beams of force from your eyes doesn't necessarily help you drive through a whirling blizzard, so it's high time for the game's first winter screenshot contest.

The contest runs until 11:59 PST on December 20th, and to enter, all that one must do is post a screenshot with a winter theme to this thread on the official boards. It could be a costume that's suited to the chilly weather, a hero traipsing about in a winter wonderland, or whatever else you can come up with that fits the theme. The winners will receive an in-game Retro Destroyer action figure for their efforts, which won't help keep you warm, but might help keep you smiling anyway as you scrape seventeen inches of ice off the front windshield of your car.