Android 2.1 ported to Droid, no one feigns surprise

You had to know this was coming. That Android 2.1 OS that's been circulating inside the Google's ultra-exclusive Nexus One has hit the internet, and thanks to some clever hackery, you can now theoretically put the update on your Droid handset. We say theoretically, of course, because it's not quite a perfect rip. DIY instructions were briefly posted on but have since been replaced with a curt advisory to wait for a ROM that properly preserves file system permissions, else risking some serious breaking. The original image file is still available, but don't say we didn't warn you. Separately and perhaps unrelated, a video has surfaced of the Nexus One's boot animation running on Droid -- feel free to enjoy that instead, after the break.%Gallery-80327%
[Thanks, Seth and Kyle]