Android 2.1's boot animation for the Nexus One reminds us of... something

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|12.15.09

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Android 2.1's boot animation for the Nexus One reminds us of... something
Red, green, blue, yellow. They aren't just four of the bestest shades in Roy G. Biv -- to anyone with a computer and a soul, that particular color combo is permanently etched in the brain as the unchanging constituents of the Windows logo in its many, many forms over the years; Google's logo happens to use them, true, but so far, Android's been green to the bone. Anyhow, you may have already noticed that some of the shots of the Nexus One clearly show a boot screen with a cross pattern colored thusly, and it turns out there's an Android 2.1 dump floating around that's got the animation on board. Of course, dumped ROMs have a tendency to get pulled apart like a turkey at Thanksgiving dinner in a matter of mere hours, and the animation's already found its way onto YouTube. Just because it's in a hacked Flan ROM doesn't mean you should expect to see it on every Android phone under the sun next year -- the animation portrays a nexus, of sorts, which would fit in nicely with a phone of the same name.

Seriously though, check out the wait cursor in Windows Mobile 6.5 for comparison after the break (along with a video of the Nexus One's lovely boot sequence in action).

And yes, we know you can only combine colors so many ways -- we doubt there was any intentional inspiration here -- but regardless, we're chalking it up as a cute homage to a platform Android hopes to destroy.

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