Samsung planning tablets, multitouch, 3D, making LED backlighting standard

No heart-stopping new revelations here, but it's always good to get an official indication of a company's plans for the forthcoming year. Samsung, it appears, is firmly set on building and selling a tablet of some sort, whether it be a Joojoo-like buttonless wonder or a more conventional keyboard-equipped device. There's also a note on multitouch and 3D, with Sammy promising to introduce more mainstream displays with support for them, as well as converting all its laptop and desktop screens to LED backlighting from the middle of 2010 onwards. We're happy to see CCFL consigned to the annals of history, but Mr. Samsung, if you really want to excite us good and proper, you'd add an O to the front of that monitor technology and stick to the same schedule.

[Thanks, Daniel]