WoW Moviewatch: I'm a Hunter

Michael Gray
M. Gray|12.15.09

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WoW Moviewatch: I'm a Hunter

I'm a Hunter
was created by Fruity Loops, Frostheim, and Mike Hallenbeck. The video was also made by Frostheim. When Frostheim dropped me a note about the video, he definitely seemed to think the overwhelming demand for a Hunter theme goes as far back as Big Blue Dress by Cranius.

Whether or not I'm a Hunter stands up to being compared to that mage-themed masterpiece is up to each viewer. In my opinion, though, the song is still pretty catchy and amusing. The video does a great job of illustrating the facets of hunter life, as well as getting in some chuckles along the way. There's a lot of little loving touches that clearly shows the creators' love of the class, and I think it's suitable homage to the gun and bow toting crowd.

Thanks to Frostheim for the heads up, and congratulations on a fun song.

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