Rooted Nook gets Pandora, shot at true happiness

Outside of swearing up a storm on a Twitter app, there aren't many better ways to announce your presence on a new Android device than the comforting song selections of well-curated Pandora station. A newly rooted Nook with an unlimited supply of free 3G? Even better. The folks behind the rooted Barnes & Noble Nook have now managed to install Pandora onto the device. It took some VNC trickery to get past the login screen, but after that the app works perfectly with the Nook's touchscreen and even runs in the background while you read. Right now the NookDevs are working on a software unlock so that you don't have to open the Nook to root it, and are also looking into a Nook app marketplace of sorts. We don't know how long the fun will last, or what Barnes & Noble's response will be -- so far they've been mum on the issue -- but the NookDevs claim that based on a perusal of the end user license agreement "there is nothing in there to get us into trouble," so hopefully we're looking at the beginnings of a beautiful, awkward friendship between a device maker and hackers. We can dream, right?