iPhone controls 46% of Japanese smartphone market

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iPhone controls 46% of Japanese smartphone market
Impress Corporation of Japan is reporting that Apple now controls almost half the smartphone market in Japan with over 3 million iPhones sold to date. Keep in mind, it has taken the iPhone little more than a year to accomplish this.

Impress reasons that the major shift towards the iPhone is because of its ease of use and the Japanese App Store. About 77 percent of iPhone 3GS owners use a half-hour's worth of data per day while Android and iPhone 3G users are neck and neck at 66 percent using data for half an hour a day.

Apple is having
incredible success in other Asian markets as well. While the iPhone took a lot of slack from the press during its initial Chinese launch, it is picking up steam there, with China Unicom now saying the iPhone "Will become China's best-selling smart phone." In South Korea, where 90,000 iPhones have already been sold in less than three weeks, 700,000 are expected to be sold in 2010.

With all this success, no wonder Apple is expected to sell 10 million iPhones this quarter. The question is, where will the iPhone dominate next? And at whose expense?

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