Barnes & Noble Nook to get an update this week? Sure sounds like it

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|12.20.09

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Barnes & Noble Nook to get an update this week? Sure sounds like it
A tipster who has proven to be reliable in the past says that Barnes and Noble's Nook will get a software update this week -- most likely around Tuesday. The update itself looks to be fairly large, improving some of the major issues we've had with the e-reader -- like page refresh rate and a lot of other little performance issues. Our tipster also says they've played with an updated unit and that it's much, much better, so we're interested to see for ourselves when the update goes down. Until then, check out the (partial) list of bugs and fixes we're hearing the update will include after the break.

*Page turning and formatting of downloaded e-books has been improved.

*Start-up time for My Library, The Daily, and Setting has been improved.

*Barnes & Noble in-store content and promotions roll-out is fully supported.

*Launches reader immediately on Select from The Daily and My Library for books and subscriptions that have already been downloaded.

*Reading Now takes customer straight into the last book page read without reformatting the content.

*Displays the correct time on the status bar.

*No longer unprompted to the home screen when pressing the arrow or the select button.

*Displays correct error-message for pre-ordering books that are not yet available.
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