HTC Espresso's revised Sense UI spotted?

Among the seemingly thousands of Android-powered HTC handsets rumored for the first half of 2010, little is known of the mysterious Espresso -- the codename was found in a 2.1 ROM and a sketchy report claims that it'll have a QWERTY keyboard for an MWC announcement, but other than that, we're in the dark. Anyhow, Italian site now claims to have some shots ripped off the Espresso's display, and at a glance, you can tell this isn't quite the Sense we're used to from the Hero. The bar along the bottom now features direct access to People -- a feature we'd already heard would be revised for HTC's next round of Android phones -- and app icons have apparently been graced with translucent surrounds that are... well, not exactly pretty. We've got to keep our opinions in check until we actually see a shipping ROM, of course, so hopefully those talks of an MWC unveiling in February pan out.