Nook 1.1 update hitting now

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|12.21.09

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Nook 1.1 update hitting now
Right on schedule, the Barnes and Noble Nook is kicking out a software update (we rebooted to get the download to start). We've heard this will fix some of the issues we had with the unit in our review -- but we'll update you once we've had a little time to play around with it.

Some things we've noticed so far:
  • Page updating on the E Ink display does seem to be a tiny bit faster. Nothing mindblowing, but a little bit better.
  • B&N has fixed the page numbering issues. There is now a clear number and progress bar along the bottom of the screen.
  • Overall the navigation and color screen loading times seem improved. The experience is definitely faster -- even scrolling through book covers seems a bit improved.
  • There is still pausing and lag in the UI. This isn't a sea change, but it's clear they've cleaned some elements up.
[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Update: You can take a look at all the changes right here.
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