NXP is bringing the hardware for new ultrawidescreen, 3D HDTVs to CES

If you've been pining over the Philips Cinema 21:9 display that's available everywhere except in the U.S., keep an eye out for any manufacturers who might use NXP's new TV550 platform, which promises built in support for 21:9 "ultrawidescreen" displays. Worried about the extra screen space going to waste while displaying 16:9 formatted television content? No problem, it's also widget-ready to run additional info or VOD menus in the space next to an HD image. Integrating all that into a single chip should also bring costs down, so it'll be even cheaper to bring back family movie night with that one relative who always complains about the black bars. As if that's not enough, there's also the company's other new development, the PNX5130, claimed to be the first video co-processor that handles 3DTV, frame-rate conversion and local dimming backlights all on one chip, for 120Hz and 240Hz displays. NXP chips have most notably recently popped up in the Roku streamer, we'll be keeping an eye out at CES 2010 to see where it goes next.