Ricoh GXR review roundup

Ricoh's GXR certainly isn't the most stylish camera out there, but it's certainly one of the most unique. Boasting an ability to support interchangeable lenses and image sensors, this one offers up flexibility that few other shooters on the market can match. We've scrounged up a litany of reviews and hands-on impressions, and by and large, most everyone who got their hands around one enjoyed the experience. Photography Blog noted that the camera was "a remarkably mature first-generation product in an intriguing new photographic system, with excellent handling and image quality that will instantly appeal to all photographers who want to take pictures first and talk about gear second." Unfortunately, it seems that praise quiets down a bit once you leave the bright outdoors and head inside, as the low-light performance was said to be less than awesome -- though, to its credit, the built-in flash was deemed one of the better ones out there. We still aren't seeing loads of evidence that ditching your starter DSLR setup for this is a smart move, but if you're just now looking to upgrade from a P&S, you'd be doing yourself a solid by poking around in those links below.