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Senator Kerry asks Fox & Time Warner to keep the Bowl Games on

As the New Year's Day deadline closes in, the Time Warner Cable - Fox standoff has gained another participant, Senator John Kerry. He's sent a letter to executives at both companies in hopes to avoid a New Year's Day blackout that could pull the network's Bowl Games (Cotton, Sugar, Fiesta, Orange) from sports loving cable subscribers. This is a bit of a habit for the senator, who has previously put his two cents in on the Comcast/TWC & NFL Network dispute. What he's asking for from the two is that if an agreement isn't reached, they continue transmitting at least through the College Bowl season under the current terms. Some may question such a letter on the grounds that this doesn't deserve such attention, or whether it will have any effect, but we're happy someone is standing up for viewers stuck in the middle and only have one question: Can we push that extension out to cover the season premiere of 24?