NFL Network cries to the FCC

NFL Network

These days just about everyone has their own cable network, from billionaires to NCAA football conferences. But what good is a network if no one can watch it? It only makes sense that you'd want your network to be carried by the largest paid television provider in the country. Of course Comcast knows they're the 800 lb gorilla, so if they say you're going on the sports tier, than so be it. The networks take this personal and after years of bickering, the NFL Network is taking their case to the FCC. They're saying it isn't fair because Comcast has no problem putting the the channels they own on the base tier. As much as we normally hate to side with big cable, we kinda see their point on this one, we mean seriously, who else but big time NFL fans even cares about this channel? It's not like NFL Total Access is presented in HD or anything.