Lenovo's wireless Multimedia Remote with Keyboard sneaks out for retail

In an age of advertising hyperbole so gratuitous that every spec tweak or color change is accompanied by a press release, it's honestly refreshing to watch Lenovo tip-toe interesting new products into retail with nary a peep. Like this palm-sized Multimedia Remote with Keyboard spotted by an Engadget reader inside a Singapore mobile phone shop. Seems this wireless pup (model 57Y6336) has been on sale for about a week across the globe with a $60 MSRP or about $30 after a quick Google for discount coupons. That meager tithe takes home a 2.4GHz keyboard with trackball and USB "nano dongle" for your Windows home theater PC good for about 10-meters of wireless sofa surfing. See it in the wild after the break.

Update: This "pretty awesome peripheral" received a brief hands-on over at HardwareZone who tells us that it's powered by a pair of AAAs as well.

[Thanks, Bryan C.]