Notion Ink's Adam gets a name, June 2010 release

Well, the first bit of news here is immediately apparent -- the heretofore untitled tablet device coming out of India has now been given the name of Adam. After ruffling a few feathers a week ago with its extremely ambitious battery life projections and admittedly mouthwatering Tegra plus Pixel Qi combo, Notion Ink is back with more details on the project. We understand the company is now discussing 3G testing with Indian and US operators (its 3G bands are compatible with AT&T's networks), and there's also a planned landing date in June. Can't say we're too excited about a launch six months from now -- other Pixel Qi devices may well beat the Adam to market -- but there's also the pleasantly small matter of the price, which in this case is projected to be an aggressively low 15,000 rupees (about $321). CrunchPad part deux? Only time will tell.

[Thanks, bala]