Magic Mouse doubles Apple's mouse market share

AppleInsider is reporting

that in only eight weeks since its release, the Magic Mouse has helped Apple double its mouse market share. NPD Group sales data shows Apple garnered over 10% of the mouse market in November.

I can personally attest to how popular the mouse is. I ordered one from Apple's online store two weeks before Christmas. The ship time showed 2-3 days. This never changed until just a few days before Christmas when Apple changed the shipping time to "On or after January 4th". Runs to three Apple Stores and four Best Buys didn't do me any better – all were sold out of the Magic Mouse.

The NPD sales data included only standalone sales of the $69 Magic Mouse. "The figures did not include the bundled Magic Mouse that comes with each 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac.

For those keeping track, here are the top five mouse vendors in the US for November 2009:

I'm anxiously waiting for my Magic Mouse to arrive on January 4th. What about you guys and gals? Do you use one? Tell us in the comments!