A-DATA's USB 3.0 / SATA II flash drive announced for January

We're a few precious breaths from 2010, and if there's anything we're looking forward to, it's some wicked fast USB 3.0 storage -- Intel be damned. Set to hit shelves sometime in January, A-DATA's N002 Combo Flash Drive sports both SATA II and a USB 3.0 connection. Using the latter, the drive boasts up to 200MB/sec read and 170 MB/sec write speeds. Or if you're feeling retro, you can take advantage of that backwards-compatibility and connect via USB 2.0. Now, we don't know how much this bad boy will cost, but it will be bundled with A-DATA UFD to GO software. Of course, this thing is not nearly as cute as the Kissing Octopus USB drive, but we're sure it's not without its charms.