Study: middle-aged people unimpressed with modern technology

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|12.31.09

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Study: middle-aged people unimpressed with modern technology
The Olds -- they're never happy, are they? Just look at this study conducted by the feared and respected Zogby International. According to a poll, those aged 35-54 are most disappointed by how far technology has come by 2010, having grown up with the concept of that Jetsons robot that automatically brushes your teeth and the promise of Sleeper's Orgasmatron. Still, 21 percent of Emperor Zogby's subjects said tech was more advanced than they would have imagined, while another 37 percent claimed we were right on track with our technological achievements. But what about the super old people, you ask? Well go figure, a third of those queried 70 years of age and over said our current tech was basically blowing their collective minds (or, was more advanced than they expected). Said one respondent, "I never know where the next robot attack is coming from."
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