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iPhone 3G unlock (finally) crashes everyone's party

Aron Trimble

While everyone was assuredly watching the ball drop in in NYC and finishing off glasses of bubbly, the iPhone Dev-Team was hard at work pushing out the iPhone 3G unlock. They previously stated that an iPhone 3G unlock would occur in the final hours of 2008, and though the unlock was made available a few hours in to 2009 it is currently being released as a beta.

The 0.9 beta release of "yellowsn0w" does still have some noted issues, but a big feature worth noting is that the unlock will work with the latest modem firmware (02.28.00). In other words, if you have an updated iPhone 3G at version 2.2, it is possible to unlock your iPhone without having to exploit holes only found in previous versions of the firmware. Even though this release is dubbed a "beta" reports are pouring in at the Dev-Team blog of success stories.

For more details, issues and experiences (positive or negative) head on over to the Dev-Team blog. While this intrepid blogger will be passing on the unlock, if you have any luck trying this out, let us know in the comments.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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