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Sunflower Broadband subs say goodbye to Kansas City's KMBC-ABC and KCWE-CW

Darren Murph

Time Warner Cable subscribers managed to avert a crisis early this morning, but it seems that Sunflower Broadband customers aren't so lucky. As it stands, KMBC-ABC and KCWE-CW -- both owned by Kansas City's Hearst-Argyle Television -- are being dropped from the provider. Both channels were being transmitted to customers in SD and HD, and until an agreement can be worked out, Sunflower has arranged to retransmit ABC Topeka affiliate KTKA in SD / HD so that customers can at least view ABC material. The good (or better, we should say) news? The carrier has vowed to "work around the clock with Hearst-Argyle to restore KMBC and KCWE under terms that are fair to its customers." And now, we wait.

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