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EVE Online's snowball fights to end January 6th

James Egan

While implementing "future Christmas in space" wasn't the most feasible option in EVE Online, CCP Games did revive their holiday tradition of giving players snowball launchers, with harmless snowball ammo. The snowball launchers sound and function like standard missile launchers, and upon impact the snowballs burst into a cloud of snowflakes. However it seems the cat's out of the bag in terms of baiting surprised targets into returning (live) fire in high security space, and having them put down by CONCORD -- EVE's NPC police.

Perhaps it's just as well though. Soon those unused snowballs will melt, thus ending EVE Online's holiday celebration on January 6th. Needless to say, players who quickly tore through their snowball supply and are trying to replenish their cache will have to hurry. CCP Fallout, EVE's Associate Community Manager, writes that "capsuleers who bid on snowball contracts before this date, yet receive them after, will find themselves owners of a pile of melted snowballs upon delivery." So use 'em or lose 'em. They'll be reduced to puddles in just a few days, and since CCP Games doesn't do this every year, it might be your last chance for quite some time to try these out.

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