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January's Brew of the Month: Wild Winter Pilsner

Alex Ziebart

This month's Brew of the Month is actually pretty cool, which is a nice change from the slight disappointments of the last couple of months. Sure, last month's brew had a great griefability factor, but getting Ice Blocked is pretty boring!

Move over, BigRedKitty. For January, BigRedPriestess is the new hotness with Wild Winter Pilsner. When you take a swig of the brew, you will sometimes get a buff: The Beast Within. It doesn't have the crazy powerful effect of the actual Hunter ability, but it does turn you big and red, and the buff lasts 5 minutes. When the buff wears off (or you click it off yourself), you'll Unleash the Beast. You roar, and give everyone's screen a little shake. Yes, everyone nearby, not just your screen.

It's not a huge effect, so it won't make you ill when everyone nearby is getting plastered, but it's definitely something you'll notice. I had fun freaking out all of the lowbies in Ironforge on New Year's Day when this first hit the vendor. Yeah, you heard that right BRK. My BigRedPriestess can move the world. Can your eccentric flamboyancy do that? Huh? No, I didn't think so.

For a little bonus trivia, you might be amused by the fact that Pilsners are named after their place of origin, here on Earth. Pilsners probably wouldn't exist in Azeroth, at least not by that name. Does it matter much? Not really, but maybe you'll find it interesting.

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