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PSP Game of the Year, as chosen by other media outlets


While the PSP library was rather small this year, it still had a number of high quality gems (all released in the first half of 2008). The diversity of PSP's library is reflected in the diversity of critic's choices for their PSP Game of the Year. We chose God of War, but other outlets had differing ideas.
  • GamePro chose Patapon as handheld GOTY. "This hasn't been the best year for portable systems, but there were a few bright spots. The PSP, surprisingly, garnered 75 percent of the vote."
  • GameTrailers chose God of War: Chains of Olympus. "It has it all. And it has it on the go."
  • GameSpot chose Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. "The ending is also one of the most emotional moments in gaming, and the ability to achieve this level of storytelling on the PSP is an incredible feat. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is not only one of the best games on the PSP, but it's one of the best role-playing games we've seen in a long time."
  • GameSpy chose God of War: Chains of Olympus. "Ready at Dawn's graceful touch makes Chains of Olympus feel like a real handheld experience rather than a PS2 game with a smaller screen and longer load times."
  • IGN chose Patapon. "It's just pure, simple, unadulterated fun, and it's fun that quickly spirals into outright addiction as more commands and unit types are unlocked throughout the course of the game."

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