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Q-Games teases 'two to three' PixelJunk titles in 2009


Popping in to deliver some New Year tidings on the PlayStation Blog, Q-Games' president Dylan Cuthbert opined on his favorite games of ought-eight ... and teased that at least two new titles from his Kyoto-based studio are coming to Sony platforms in '09.

Cuthbert predicts that this year will be a grand one for games, "what with two or three more PixelJunk titles coming out." We've already seen one of them -- PixelJunk Monsters for PSP -- but the others? Given the number of tabled concepts Cuthbert recently showed Spike TV (skiing, fighting, etc.) we'd say a PixelJunk take on an established genre would be a shoe-in, but then there was the decidedly non-conformist -- and absolutely superb -- PixelJunk Eden last year. So, we can only ... imagine.

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