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Rock Band Weekly: Roy Orbison


As CMT foretold, Roy Orbison tracks will be available as Rock Band DLC. Sadly, "I Drove All Night" isn't one of the songs, but there's still plenty of tracks to croon to while wearing giant black-rimmed glasses.

Roy Orbison Pack (800 / $10)
  • "Claudette" (160 / $2)
  • "In Dreams" (160 / $2)
  • "Mean Woman Blues" (160 / $2)
  • "Oh, Pretty Woman" (160 / $2)
  • "Ooby Dooby" (160 / $2)
  • "You Got It" (160 / $2)
All tracks are masters and videos can be found after the break. The Xbox 360 will have the songs available for download Tuesday, January 6. The PS3 will receive them a week later on January 15, due to the PSN's holiday break. There's currently no word about when the two consoles will sync up again, but we've contacted Sony and HMX to find out.

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