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What do you want to see TUAW cover at Macworld?


Next week the TUAW crew will descend upon San Francisco for Macworld Conference and Expo 2009. Of course, we plan to cover the booths, the personalities and the keynote (live and in-person). Sunday night we'll have a very special TUAW Talkcast featuring seven bloggers and a room full of solid rumormongering. But we're curious: whether you are going or not, what would you like to see us report on from Macworld? If the option isn't in the poll below, leave it in the comments. Here's a look at what we covered last year. Let us know if you want more galleries or more video, more hardware hands-on reviews, or more software demos.

If you are making the pilgrimage, be sure to check our Twitter feed for any meetups (at least one of which will feature a giveaway); tag your Macworld Flickr photos with "tuaw" so they appear in the photo pool; and above all, have a safe trip.

UPDATE: A clarification -- I'm asking for what stuff you want TUAW bloggers to cover at Macworld, not what you wish would happen. Sadly, we have no control over Steve so cannot affect his presence at the event. If he's there, however, we'll certainly post about it.


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