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WRUP: Hello, ought-nine edition

Ross Miller

Welcome to 2009, ladies and gentlemen. The world has changed very much in the last 24 hours -- we hear Zunes work again, for example.
  • Alexander Sliwinski: Despite GameFly allegedly having sent Prince of Persia on Monday, it's still not here. Hopefully, I'll get it tomorrow. The main weekend plan was to explore the Wasteland in Fallout 3 more. My second foray into the game is going much smoother and hours just melt away playing it.
  • Christopher Grant: Need to wrap up some of 2008, before I start my "To Be Played In 2009" pile. Got a little left of Mirror's Edge, about half of Far Cry 2, and the majority of Prince of Persia. Still, I'd rather be playing Fable 2 ... some more ... but there's almost nothing left for me to do in Albion. Where's that DLC, Lionhead?
  • Griffin McElroy: I'm going to either try to finish Metal Gear Solid 4, or instead download the Metal Gear Solid DLC for LittleBigPlanet, which I imagine will create a remarkably similar experience. When away from my beloved home consoles, I imagine I'll spend a great deal of time Triggering my Chronos.
  • Kevin Kelly: I'm still living in the non-electronic realm and itching for my consoles bigtime. I did tour Game Over Games in Austin thanks to a reader tip (thanks Adrian! Photos and report forthcoming) and it was awesome. Been playing a lot of Electronic Catch Phrase and tomorrow is board game night with some peeps - Power Grid and Agricola. Then Sunday... back to gaming bliss on my systems. Whew.
  • James Ransom-Wiley: Post-Christmas shopping spree! I got Microsoft Points, PSN bucks and *gulp* Wii Points to redeem ... suggestions? (I'm thinking save my Wii Points for Cave Story.)
  • Jason Dobson: Writing our "Best of the Rest" posts reminded me that I still have a few races to complete in GRiD, so I'll be getting back behind the wheel and trying to take the checkered flag.
  • Justin McElroy: I'm going to be playing some more Killzone 2 and finally trying to finish the last gasps for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.
  • Ludwig Kietzmann: is in the future and not willing to look back.
  • Randy Nelson: I'm already going through my fellow Joystiqers' "Best of the Best" lists for ideas on what to play next. I'll definitely be playing more Far Cry 2 -- my current addcition -- but really want to catch up on some of the less high-profile gems I inadvertently passed by: BoomBlox, GRiD, and, on Alexander's recommendation, Sins of a Solar Empire.
  • Ross Miller: Just got a shiny new 24-inch monitor for my PC, so it's time to play catch-up. Too bad I just missed the Steam sale, it seems. Also, I've got 1600 MS points and am not sure what to get. Help!

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