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BioWare blog defines "stylized reality" in The Old Republic

Shawn Schuster

Sure, the news of Star Wars: The Old Republic was kept a secret (kinda) for a few years, and during that time we really heard nothing of the game itself. Yet here we are now getting a steady stream of useful information on a game that is not even predicted to launch this year. This week we have two examples of this from the team at BioWare: a look at the art style of the game, and an entertaining blog entry from Principal Lead Animator Mark How.

In the blog entry, How explains a bit about how enthusiastic the animation team is for getting every lightsaber battle exactly right. He reflects on how powerful the toys were to him as a child and how the work they will do with TOR can be 10,000 times better than anything we could imagine back then.

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In the art style article, we get a look into what BioWare's art team has defined as "stylized realism". This is the practice of creating a timeless art style that can be carried through for many years. When photo realism is achieved in CGI, it's inevitable that the newest technologies will improve upon that, making the previous attempts at photo realism look laughingly bad. A stylized version of realism endures much longer, also providing a more unique look in the process.

Check out both of these wonderful articles for more on each topic, in addition to the new concept art linked in our galleries below. We'd bet there will be many more of these articles in the foreseeable future, as we get closer and closer to what may prove to be an amazing game.

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