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Halo 3 push to talk all but a distant memory

Dustin Burg

In this week's more traditional edition of the Bungie Weekly Update, the Bungie guys (and a few gals) inform us that Halo 3's once controversial and still annoying push to talk communication is being all but removed. With the next wave of Halo 3 matchmaking updates (set for release mid January) push to talk will only be used in matchmaking parties over six players. That means that open chat, once restricted to parties of four or less, will now be used for all gametypes with six or less players per team. It's a smart and well appreciated enhancement, but sort of useless now that we have New Xbox Experience parties to chat in.

The mid January Halo 3 matchmaking update will bring other changes, including hopper edits, gametype switching and some restructuring. Head over to for all the juicy deets.

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