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Killzone 2 musical score is 90 minutes long, soundtrack album is a possibility

Majed Athab

Joris de Man is the man behind the music of all the Killzone games, including the new one which hits PS3 next month. Music4Games caught up with de Man during the KZ2 score recordings at Abbey Road Studios back in November, and have gotten quite a few interesting tidbits out of him regarding the game's composition.

Said de Man, "In total there is around 60 minutes of interactive in-game music (the music adapts its intensity to the gameplay), which was done with midi, and 28 minutes of orchestral music for the front-end and cutscenes, which is being recorded here at Abbey Road." All of that will be new music, but that doesn't mean some old tunes won't appear. Lovers of the original "Helghast Theme" from the first Killzone will be excited to know that it'll still be around in KZ2 but with "a new variation."

Another part of the interview which tickled our interest is the possibility of a separate soundtrack album release. While gaming soundtrack albums are all too common in Japan, Western titles have yet to truly pick up on the trend -- GTA and its myriad of radio station compilations don't count. De Man said "it's something we're looking into with Sony Music."

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