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Chinavasion's plug-in MP3 player / FM transmitter / etcetera seems surprisingly useful

Darren Murph

Chinavasion's latest piece of steaming trash is actually very un-trash-like, as it thoughtfully meshes a number of in-car technologies into one single cigarette adapter doodad. The Plug-In Car MP4 Player with LCD Display manages to bundle an MP4 / MP3 player, 1.5-inch LCD and 4GB of memory into a device that plugs neatly into your car's cigarette adapter, and the inclusion of an FM transmitter means that you won't even need to bring your own DAP to get tunes flowing in the car. Moreover, the SD card slot enables even more jams to be loaded on if you're embarking on a serious road trip, and the USB socket makes PC-to-whatchamacallit transfers a cinch. We're truly impressed with just how awe-inspiring this thing is for €21.57 ($29); too bad we don't trust the quality one bit.

[Via Slashgear]

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