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HP's Vivienne Tam edition Mini gets the hands-on treatment

Jacob Schulman

Sure, the Vivienne Tam Edition Mini has been available for about a month, but it's taken that long for at least one red-obsessed netbook lover to give us a hands-on with HP's fashion-forward "Digital Clutch." The folks over at GearDiary loved the red and gold color scheme on the keyboard and the included silky sleeve. You know how we feel about HP's offering -- albeit the black counterpart -- but save for that red paint job and artsy design on the hood, it's essentially the same device. Be sure to hit the read link for even more pics of the floral-inflused Mini, and hit up HP's site with your $700 to snag one for yourself. Oh, and if you dig that matching mouse make sure you bring some extra cash because that baby's not included.

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