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Digital TV subsidy program nearly dry: get your vouchers now

Darren Murph

When the FCC's Kevin Martin asserted that the 2009 digital TV transition subsidy program was nearing the end of its financial rope back in October, no one really paid him any mind. After all, this ain't the FCC's gig. Now, however, an AP report on the topic is confirming the fears, noting that the NTIA itself is "warning that unless lawmakers step in quickly with more funding or new accounting rules, it will have to create a waiting list for coupon requests." Should this occur, new vouchers would only be sent out once previously mailed vouchers expired without being used. As of now, only $68.2 million of the $1.34 billion set aside for this program remains free, and after February 17th comes and goes, you can bet the interest will skyrocket. Moral of the story? Get your request in now if you're in need (check here to see if you are).

[Via ShellyPalmerMedia]

Update: The well is dry! Yikes!

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