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Energizer charge stations keep controllers going and going


With CES 2009 taking place this week, Energizer's charging stations (which released in October) for the Wii, X360 and PS3 have popped up on our radar. Although we've never felt the need for a PS3 charging station (USB plug-in works just fine, thank you), the battery consumption of the Wiimote and 360 controller have made charge kits -- or, at least, rechargeable batteries -- a necessity in this console generation.
  • Wii Energizer Power & Play Charging Station - $40, comes with two battery packs. Extra pack $13.
  • X360 Energizer Power & Play Charging Station - $30.
  • PS3 Energizer Power & Play Charging Station - $30.
All the units currently have 10% off at Amazon. Nyko also makes a Wii charge station, and Microsoft has its own first-party rechargeable battery pack option.

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