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Liquid Image's new underwater digital camera masks debut at CES


Looks like Liquid Image -- those wacky underwater digicam folks -- are going to be hitting the ground running at CES with not one, but two HD underwater digital camera masks. Meant for serious professionals (and well-heeled Jacques Cousteau wannabes), the Pro HD350 shoots 720p video, sports 64 MB flash storage, supports microSD / SDHC cards (up to 32GB) and is rated to a depth of 330 feet. Taking things down a notch, the Scuba Series 320 (MSRP around $215) is the other 720p video cam. Featuring the same 64 MB internal memory and 32 GB microSD / SDHC support, this guy is rated at 115 feet. Bringing up the rear is the VideoMask 310, a 640 × 480 / 30 fps video camera, sporting 16 MB internal memory, 8GB microSDHC card support, and is rated to a depth of 33 feet. It is expected to list at $159, while the Scuba Series 320 will list for about $215. The Pro HD350 hasn't been priced just yet; all three cameras take 5 megapixel photos and will get debuted at CES this week.

[Via Helmet Camera Central, thanks Chad]

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