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Mattel's Mindflex teaches kids fake telekinesis

Ross Miller

Add one more contender to the list of mind control games vying for our attention this year alongside NeuroSky and Emotiv. Set to debut this week at CES, Mattel's Mindflex requires players to concentrate really hard in order to power a fan that'll float a ball through the hoops. Sure, it's not nearly as complex as what the other two are proposing, but we could totally see ourselves wearing this headset all day while we work -- just to find out how much brain power we're really using. It's expected to hit US retail channels later this year for $80, and if we may be so candid, our only wish is that the headset was small enough to hide under a hat. You know, so we could fool our family members into thinking we had superpowers.

[Thanks, Christen]

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