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Microsoft wants Radiant Silvergun XBLA remake

Dustin Burg

Chatting with Gamasutra, Treasure CEO Masato Maegawa revealed that Microsoft has been trying to win over their hearts, gifting them chocolates and giving massages all in an effort to bring the Saturn's Radiant Silvergun to the Xbox Live Arcade. Kidding about the chocolates and massages.

Though, Maegawa makes it clear that even though Microsoft wants a remake that he and Treasure have yet to decide if they want to bring Radiant Silvergun love to the XBLA. Why wouldn't they? Well, Maegawa says that it'd take a lot of dev time to make it work on the 360 and he admits that "it's certainly aged in assorted ways, and I'm not sure they're all good." We were under the impression that aged Radiant Silvergun is like a fine wine. It only gets better years down the road.

[Via Joystiq]

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