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WoW Insider Show Episode 71: In da (guild) house

Mike Schramm

Quite a podcast last Saturday -- Turpster came back and BigRedKitty joined us as well, so it was a rip-roaring time. We talked about our predictions for 2009, talked once again about which reps to work towards, where WoW might get more players from, answered lots and lots of emails from listeners, and we even made plans to give away an authenticator. More about your chance to win the authenticator, how to get a brand new song from Turpster, and how to get your voice on the podcast after the break below.

We do this every Saturday on Ustream at 3:30pm Eastern, and then post the results here every Monday morning, so you can listen to the show any way you'd like. It's always a great time -- as Turpster said this week, it's just like reading WoW Insider, except we do the reading for you.

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Listen here on the page:

So we have quite a few things going on around the WoW Insider Show lately:

-First, we're giving away a BlizzCon 2008 Authenticator, and if you happen to be a Turpster fan, he'll even sign it for you before he sends it out. To enter that contest, you've got to head over to our Facebook page (make sure you go to the newer one, with the new logo on it), and leave the word "bananas" in this discussion topic (there's only a few comments in there now, so you've got a pretty good chance to win so far). We'll choose a winner randomly from that group, and you've got until next Saturday to do that.

-Second, we're trying to max out the number of fans we have on Facebook, and the way we're doing that is with bribery: if we reach 4,000 fans, Turpster will record a brand new song (he may even get BigRedKitty and I to sing along with it), and we'll release it on the WoW Insider Show. So tell your friends about that -- send them on over to the Facebook page and tell them to become a fan. We're just over halfway there so far, so there's a ways to go, but for a brand new Turpster song, we'll do it.

-Finally, we are in need of intros from you, our listeners. You've heard intros from fans to the past two shows -- just record an mp3 shouting out whatever you want (your character, your guild, your website, anything else you want to say) and kicking off the show for us to our email address, You can add music or sound effects if you want, or just leave it dry, it's up to you. Each week we'll play one before the show, so if you send one in, you and everyone else listening will eventually hear it live as the very first thing we play! We've got a small buffer already, but we need more intros, so if you've been thinking about doing one, now's the time to do it and send it in!

Thanks for listening, as always, and we'll be back next week.

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