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Video: ASUS features modded G50 with 4.3-inch secondary computer, oh my


What's 1 primary laptop plus 1 secondary, smaller computer equal? Want, that's what. ASUS just showed us a modified G50 M50 media laptop with a secondary 4.3 LCD display computer with some help from Microsoft here at ASUS' CES presser. Microsoft actually calls it "two computers in one chassis" running independently from each other but sharing a common battery. The smaller computer will run for over 12 hours for all your widgeting (contacts, email, etc) needs -- alas, it does not appear to be removable. Funny thing is, not a single mention by Microsoft about SideShow. Check the video after the break, it's compelling and nerd sexy to see a movie launch from the small, second computer onto the larger display.

Update: We spoke to ASUS and learned that this prototype is planned for production this year. A version featuring a removable, secondary computer (think MID) is a possible followup.

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