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Grimwell takes a look at Atlantica Online


Atlantica Online is one of those MMOs that people always seem to talk about, but never really get fully in-depth with. Insight into the game recently came from an unexpected source: Craig "Grimwell" Dalrymple, a noted MMO blogger and senior community relations manager for Sony Online Entertainment. Craig just recently spoke up about the turn-based MMO, relating his experiences and gripes with the game on his blog.

For him, the strong points of Atlantica are the turn-based combat (as it allows PvP to be a bit more tactical rather than a fast paced gankfest,) the mercenary system (which is different from the NPC system of Guild Wars, as you actually build up your mercenaries like second or third characters,) and the crafting system (which features both the ability to craft any item in the game and learn crafting skills from other players rather than NPCs.) The game's swift advancement seems to also be in Grimwell's liking, as he's hit 61 out of the 120 levels since he's begun playing in October. For the rest of his experiences with Atlantica, including his two gripes with the game, check out his blog post on the matter.

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